I doubt I will ever get the story of how it all began from my mom so I am going to attempt to chronicle trying something new for my psoriasis. Last year I found out that I had a brain tumor. That led to 2 surgeries and after each I was given a steroid that cleared my psoriasis within 3 days. Now having it sucks but when its your normal you just deal with it. I found that it is very hard to go from clear skin back to being covered from head to toe. I was put on a new biologic medicine called Cosentyx. It worked… right at the injection site and that is pretty much it. I was on it from June 2015 until January 2016. I asked my doctor how long it would take to work and he said it should have been working so I stopped it. I was also worried about having to pay for it so that was a side bonus. We tried the steroids again but at a smaller dosage they didn’t work as well and I experienced a lot of side effects such as migraines. Also, after awhile I looked swollen in the face and I gained about 20 lbs.

So in my recent desperation I have again gone to http://www.psoriasisblob.com. It has reviews of several products and tells the story of a man who is controlling his psoriasis through diet and certain supplements. The two I am going to try are the Apple Cider Vinegar and the Turmeric capsules. Oh I also ordered the charcoal soap. I have tried the ACV before but I did not read the part where you add honey to it so I didn’t stick with it because it is gross. However, since so many say it does wonders I will try again, with the honey. I tried the soap this morning and like it so far but only time will tell. I have been taking the turmeric pills since Saturday. I am attempting to cut out dairy and wheat from my diet but I’m not super motivated even though at the very least I know it will help me lose weight as it did at the beginning of last year.