After I wrote that last post, I went to my dermatologists office and he said that the ACV didn’t work. All of my motivation to try it went right out the window. Even with honey it is still gross. Neither the Turmeric pills nor the soap made a difference that I can tell. My doctor was really pushing Cyclosporin and at a higher dose since I was no longer on anything else except an anti-inflammatory. That was not enough and after awhile I expressed my wish to go back on Enbrel (oh the horror of a biologic). I know a lot of people don’t want to use them because they COULD cause a lot of stuff but my neurosurgeon had never had a patient that had been on biologics before. Otherwise healthy people get cancer and brain tumors. So my doctor said I could go back on Enbrel in 2 weeks but in the mean time he wanted me to take prednisone. After having gained all the weight I had lost earlier back from the previous steroid treatment I wasn’t a fan but for two weeks, fine.After 3 weeks I called the doctor’s office again and it changed to he didn’t want me to go back on Enbrel until he saw me again. At this I wanted to scream, looking at it now that could have been the steroids talking. So I told him I was stopping the steroids since I did not want a giant swollen face like I had before. I knew I wasn’t supposed to just stop them so I lowered the dosage until I was off. My skin flared so I guess it wasn’t slow enough. I had a trip to see my niece graduate high school 15 hours away. Each day I felt a little more pain. At first I was like I got this I can take it! However, it took me 3 days to recover from that trip and I was miserable. My doctor even said I looked miserable when I finally went in to see him. Then it  took almost a week to get the medicine in. If you don’t have arthritis then you don’t know what it’s like to wonder if you can stand back up once you have sat. I found myself working standing up if I wasn’t going to sit for long because it didn’t seem worth the effort that it would take to get up again. The doctor gave me pain pills. Take 1-2 every 4-6 hours. They lasted 3 hours per pill. I only took 2 when I was going to sleep because pain or no pain I still have to function. That didn’t last all night. I was so desperate that I took prednisone last night with the turmeric pills. I was so excited that I felt better I thought it was the turmeric but really it was the steroid. I grew up taking that from age 12 o 18. I never understood that the reason I thought about food all the time was because of that. I thought that it was me. After I lost weight at the beginning of 2015 I stopped thinking about food so much so I noticed when it happened again. I never want to be in the position to have to take it and when I feel better I am going to work on losing weight to help my psoriasis and my joints. I am already changing what  eat but I hope that the Enbrel will enable me to move more and burn more calories. I took my first dose of Enbrel today after work. It isn’t immediate but I have hope that I will feel better soon.