My sister cane over with a flyer for a food intolerance test called the Pinner test. It’s really expensive. I went on the website and started to order it then saw the price… $490! So I backed out but they still had my info and called and emailed. Since I didn’t respond they offered a discount. My doctor (the regular family practice one) said she was neutral about it. Since I have been considering this test I have noticed my psoriasis change to an angry red after I eat cheese. It’s a shame because I love cheese.
     My best friend once said I always order the cheesiest thing on the menu. You can’t go wrong if it has a lot of cheese, right? She’s also the one who told me to try paleo. I have seen on some sites that you can have tests done if the AIP doesn’t work or work well. If I can eat something that will make paleo easier without having to add it back in later that’s what I want to do. It could be a waste but my niece’s dietician believed it worked. We shall see!