I’m going to see my oncologist today. Am I worried that my brain tumor is back? Not exactly. If it is, that means needles. I recently had blood work done for a steroid shot in my hip. It took them 7 tries!! I have had this hope that one day the infrared vein finder thing would come out and I would no longer have to suffer through them trying to find and sometimes dig for a vein. These people shattered that hope into a million pieces because they had one and still had to call someone else in with dopplar to get it. They usually use dopplar after you are asleep. Guess how fun it is when you are awake! Then I spent the weekend worried that they wouldn’t be able to get an IV. They did, thank goodness, and in the first try. Then I had an MRI and they needed to put dye in through a vein. He got it on the 3rd attempt. So no I’m not worried about the big stuff like brain tumors. I’m worried about needles and veins.